School Boards on the Hill

Leaders in Washington, D.C. hear the voices of school board members as they advocate for their schools and their students on Capitol Hill each winter



  • April 2012 Digital Edition

    Read our April 2012 issue virtually—from front to back!

  • Doing Science Right

    This New York school district provides a rich science experience that other districts can replicate

  • Employee Benefits Savings

    How can you save money on health benefits while offering more to your employees?

  • The Costs of Educating Immigrants

    Children from immigrant families are more expensive to educate, but many say the cost of not educating them would be much higher

  • Five Ways for Schools to Thrive in Tight Times

    School districts are continuously being asked to educate students for less money; following these five strategies can help

  • Preparing for E-Rate

    While the deadline for applying for E-rate has passed, savvy districts are preparing for the next round of applications

  • School Leaders' Guide to Grant Writing

    Grants could help ease tight school budgets, but they take time, work, and some savvy to be successful in bringing money to your district


  • School Board News

    April 2012 School Board News

    News, views, and trends you should watch.

  • Research

    Credit Recovery Explained

    Programs that help struggling students graduate by allowing them to earn credits through nontraditional ways are growing, but little is known about their effectiveness

  • School Law

    Will Autism Changes Mean Special Ed Changes?

    The American Psychiatric Association is revising its definition of autism

  • Leadership

    Essential Research Questions for School Boards

    Everyone wants to make research-based decisions, but how do you know when research is sound?

  • Money

    School Maintenance Staff Oversight

    Your district's buildings and grounds staff are vital to the success of your school

  • The Last Word

    The Last Word April 2012

    The Last Word:' Public education against the odds

  • Learn More

    April 2012 Reports

    From assets to teen pregnancy