Becoming a Better Advocate

As school board members, your voice has power, and it's needed more than ever.


September 2011 Digital Edition

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  • How to Handle Cheating

    One district involves its community in revamping its academic misconduct policy, sparking conversations about the reasons underlying student cheating

  • Should You Outsource Special Ed?

    Outsourcing special education services could be a solution, but how can you make sure it's the right decision for your district?

  • A Superintendent's Legacy

    As a superintendent retires from his Illinois district, the leadership team reflects on his reforms that took the system from "Good to Great"


  • School Board News

    September 2011 School Board News

    News, views, and trends you should watch.

  • Research

    The Truth About Charter Schools

    Some charter schools are hugely successful, but does that mean they are the cure-all for the problems in education?

  • School Law

    How to Prevent Lawsuits

    Follow these best practices to limit potential liability for you and your district

  • Communications

    Communicating to Employees

    Employees are hungry for more information, and the lack of it affects productivity

  • Leadership

    Considering Pay-for-Performance

    When linking teacher pay to student achievement, the devil is in the details

  • Money

    It Takes a Thief

    Thieves come in all shapes and sizes, including disgruntled employees and unscrupulous contractors

  • Governance

    The Importance of Teamwork

    Collaboration among board members and the superintendent, while at times difficult and uncomfortable, can build stronger can healthier relationships for your governance team

  • Learn More

    September 2011 Reports

    From charter schools to 'summer slide'

  • The Last Word

    The Last Word September 2011

    You are powerful advocates