Education Funding Woes

The economic downturn has exposed fundamental weaknesses in education funding that have left cash-strapped schools more vulnerable


Teaching Money Management

Financial literacy is a critical skill for students, but who should teach it -- and how?


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  • Teachers' Perspective

    Not surprisingly, teachers are not optimistic when they are under severe financial stress

  • Hope for Homeless Students

    A Chicago Public Schools partnership brings academic help and hope to students living in homeless shelters

  • Students' View of School

    A program that gives students cameras will give you a window into their world


  • School Board News

    May 2011 Up Front

    News, views, and trends you should watch.

  • Your Turn

    May 2011 Your Turn

    Your chance to tell us what you think

  • Research

    Distracting Gadgets

    Is computer and video game usage changing our children's ability to focus and finish tasks?

  • School Law

    Defending Team Trademarks

    Colleges and universities are aggressively defending their athletic teams' trademarks

  • Communications

    Getting Public Support for Schools

    Social networks can be a powerful tool to change public opinion and gain support for your schools

  • Leadership

    School Improvement

    Improvement and reform can happen without new money, staff changes, or outside programs -- you just need hard work and collaboration

  • Money

    School Year Budget Transition

    The transition between the current fiscal year and the next is critical for the financial health of your district

  • Governance

    The Perfect Board Retreat

    Meetings away from the boardroom can yield powerful results

  • Facilities

    Plan to Save Money

    Districts still need to renovate and build new facilities. Strategic planning at all stages can gain community support and keep expenses down

  • Learn More

    May 2011 Reports

    From charter schools to women's health