What's On Our List?

By Naomi Dillon

There’s something magical about lists. What do you do when you’re facing an overwhelming pile of work? Make a list and, voilá, you’ve tamed the unmanageable.

Short on time? Lists can propel you into action. Short on money? Lists can help you prioritize your needs. Short on ideas? You’d be surprised at how developing a list can stoke the creative fires. In short, lists allow us to distill it all into what’s most important -- now and in the future.

Which is why our annual review of factoids, lessons learned, and tidbits from the field continues to top our list of most-read features and appears once again for your reading pleasure. We hope you enjoy this year’s compilation, most of which we gathered from the comprehensive programming offered at NSBA’s Annual Conference. And the conference, if it isn’t already, absolutely should be on your list of things to do.

Have more to say to us about lists? E-mail us at ­editor@asbj.com with your thoughts and comments -- and your own lists to include in an upcoming issue.

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