The Risk of Student Concussions

As more research about the dangers of concussions in children and youth surfaces, districts are taking the lead to protect all their students from traumatic brain injuries


Keeping Student Athletes Safe

Spurred by the sudden deaths of four student athletes, a California county pulls together school officials, local leaders, and medical and health care professionals to prevent more tragedies


Balancing the Booster Clubs

Boards must balance the benefits of boosters with other legal, financial, and oversight considerations



  • Heed the Dropout Warning Signs

    More than half of urban students are dropping out of high school, but the danger signs often appear in elementary and middle school

  • Advocates for Early Childhood Education

    Children's success in public schools begins at birth, and it's time our attitudes and funding reflect the importance of education in the early years


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    August 2011 School Board News

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    August 2011 Your Turn

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  • Research

    Education Documentaries: Check the Research

    Two education documentaries created headlines and national conversations with their conflicting claims about public education. But does the research support either of their messages?

  • School Law

    Code of Conduct for Athletic Coaches

    Reviewing and auditing your hiring and supervision practices for athletic coaches will significantly limit potential liability and better protect your student athletes

  • Communications

    Your Staff, Your Work Family

    If you want your staff to do everything they can for children, start by treating them like family

  • Leadership

    Making Lasting Change in Schools

    Follow these five 'shifts' to see change for the better

  • Money

    Saving Your Schools, Creatively

    One New York district came up with a creative way to attract new students and keep its doors open

  • Governance

    Creating Your Own Leadership Roles

    Governance is a team sport, but beyond the basics, no clear guidelines exist

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