School Board Best Practices

By Kathleen Vail

For the three top winners in this year’s Magna Awards, helping disadvantaged children to reach their full potential is a top priority.  Each district approached its situation in different ways -- closing the achievement gap, helping prevent high school dropouts, and giving Title I children a summer camp experience like that of their middle-class peers. But the determination to give poor and disadvantaged children the support -- academic and otherwise -- they need to be successful in school and life shines through all three Grand Prize programs.

Each year, one district from each of three enrollment categories -- under 5,000; 5,000 to 20,000; and 20,000 and above -- earns the Magna Grand Prize. This year’s winners -- California’s Moreland School District, Missouri’s Joplin Schools, and Florida’s Pasco County Schools -- will be honored by the editors of American School Board Journal and Sodexo School Services at NSBA’s Annual Conference this month in San Francisco.

You can read more about the winning programs in the supplement that accompanies this magazine, or go online to to search a best practices database of past winners and high-scoring entries.

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