Let's Do the List

By Lawrence Hardy

We like lists. You like lists. So we’re listing again like we did last summer.

Welcome to our second annual roundup of lists, the feature that gives you important news you can use (and some interesting trivia), all in a bite-sized, easy-to-handle format. Here, you’ll find “10 Common Myths of Board Service” as well as lists such as “Five Tips for a Successful Board Meeting” from the amazingly congenial Kearney Board of Education.

“Every year [after a presentation at NSBA’s annual conference], droves of people come up and say, ‘Oh, my gosh! Your board gets along so well,’’’ says Tori L. Stofferson, communications director in the Nebraska school district. “‘You have so much fun together. How is that?’”

We have other lists, too, including the new “What’s Out/What’s In” in education. A mostly lighthearted compendium of trends, it nonetheless ends on a serious note about how school boards should respond to the expanding federal role in education and the concomitant loss of local control.

As NSBA Associate Executive Director Lisa Bartusek puts it: “School boards and districts no longer have the extensive autonomy they once did. But lamenting the ‘loss of local control’ isn’t capturing the hearts and minds of a public that sees a changing world, where ‘community’ is defined in a broader and more fluid way. It’s time to start standing up and speaking out for what we really mean -- that school boards today are as relevant as ever. It takes local leadership to create real change in public education.”

We hope you enjoy our lists and find them useful as well as entertaining. Let us know what you think, and e-mail us at editor@asbj.com with your thoughts, your comments -- and your own lists to include in an upcoming issue.

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