"What Went Right in School?" Readers Tell Us

As a child, there was no man more super than my dad. He was a Little League coach, a homework supervisor, a snack provider, a disciplinarian, and full of stories and life advice.      A real superman is someone who is there in our lives, through the good and bad times. He may be the homework supervisor, or he may be out weeding the garden while Mom supervises homework. He is there and he cares. He has role models and he becomes a role model for others.

Research has shown over and over again that one of the biggest indicators of a child’s success is parental involvement. A parent, a guardian, a relative, a neighbor, a friend can be the superman in a child’s life. It is a commitment. It can be a heroic act, but it does not take super powers. It takes concern and caring about the future of children and our country.

 So as you listen to the spin, I urge you to listen carefully. The children seeking entrance to charter schools have a “super” person in their lives fighting for their education. We have all heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

It does not say it takes a school, and it is time for the village to work together and get it done. If you are not involved, the time is now. And if you are an involved parent, grab your friends and neighbors and encourage them to be involved too. Be the hero in your child’s life and be the role model others so desperately need.

Barbara Gibbons, board member,
Palmyra, Va

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