Children's Health in the National Spotlight

Could the national discourse on childhood obesity be the tide that reverses America's weighty legacy?


Education Prevents Students From Smoking

You may think your students understand the dangers of using tobacco, but slick advertising campaigns and new smokeless products make it all the more important to reinforce the message


New School Sports on the Horizon

Increasingly, nontraditional sports like lacrosse and bowling are taking their place in schools next to football, basketball, and soccer



  • Making Playgrounds Safe and Secure

    Your outdoor spaces are just as important as your indoor classrooms -- and will help increase student achievement if you tend them carefully and thoughtfully

  • Two Schools, One Building

    When a primary school and an alternative program were told they had to share a building, many predicted a disaster


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    August 2010 Your Turn

    Your chance to tell us what you think

  • School Board News

    August 2010 Up Front

    News, views, and trends you should watch

  • Research

    Runaway Children

    Millions of children run away from home each year, with sometimes disastrous outcomes, but schools can reach out to troubled youth before they become statistics

  • School Law

    Sidelining Unsportsmanlike Behavior

    Disruptive and obnoxious sports fan behavior can be curbed -- within legal limits

  • Communications

    School Access for Money

    More districts are flinging open their doors to marketers. Is the cash worth the cost?

  • Governance

    School Boards' Complex Roles

    The school board's role goes beyond governing and oversight. Members also serve as ambassadors of the district to the community, and more

  • Leadership

    Find Out What Your Public Wants

    Board members must separate fact from fiction when trying to figure out the real expectations their community has for the school district and from public education as a whole

  • Money

    Sound Investment Policy for School Boards

    Investments are risky these days, but a policy on handling investments can help steer your district to make wise choices and earn strong dividends

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    August 2010 Reports

    From junk food to third-grade reading