September 2009 Your Turn

We were right: You’re not in it for the fame; the acclaim; or the chance to explain, in the checkout line, just why you had to change elementary school boundaries -- again.

It appears you put up with the hassles, the stresses, and the long hours of this work to make a contribution, to help children succeed, to do your part in shaping the future. You serve as school board members or administrators because you want to: A) give back to the community (38 percent of respondents), B) have an impact on student achievement (15 percent), or C) serve in a leadership role (15 percent). Or, like another 31 percent, you serve for reasons that couldn’t be adequately explained in one of those three choices.

“All the responses, combined, address the myriad reasons I choose to be on a school board,” said Anna Bucy, an Ohio board member. “I happen to serve on the board for the schools from which I graduated. I feel honored to serve the community that raised me to care about the world and my place in it. I feel a patriotic responsibility to take whatever gifts I may have and use them to make the world a better place. Being on the school board allows me every day to see the evidence of my service and the potential for the future. I appreciate, enjoy, and take very seriously the office that I hold and the oath I took.”

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