July 2009 Your Turn

Nearly three out of four of you believe schools are safer today than they were 10 years ago, when the Columbine shootings shocked the nation and led to improvements in school security.

“The tragedy at Columbine High School helped all of us to realize that no place is immune from the violence of today’s society, especially our schools,” wrote Susan Lodal, a Tennessee board member. “The lessons learned by those involved have been shared and utilized in guiding emergency plans across the nation. Unfortunately, lack of adequate funding and increasing numbers of mandates in other areas of public education have hampered efforts to continue the focus on keeping our students as safe as possible.”

Seventy-one percent of responders said schools are safer than 10 years ago, 17 percent marked “about as safe,” and 8 percent said they were less safe. Four percent picked “none of the above.”

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