Children At Risk: Middle School

The middle grades are a tightrope of challenges and opportunities. How can you help these vulnerable students beat the odds?



  • Helping High School Freshmen Succeed

    A district learns valuable lessons about high school success by holding a year-long 'seminar' for ninth-graders

  • The Importance of Civics Education

    Students' interest in the presidential election and the flagging economy brings renewed hope for civics education

  • School Athletics Under the Ax

    School-based sports play a strong role in a community's identity, but in tight times, will your community continue to pay for them?


  • School Board News

    January 2009 Up Front

    News, views, and trends you should watch.

  • Your Turn

    January 2009 Your Turn

    Your chance to tell us what you think

  • Research

    School Board Ethics

    Even with ethics training, it's sometimes difficult to determine exactly when, where, and how board members step across the line

  • School Law

    Legal Problems with Corporal Punishment

    Taking corporal punishment too far can leave a school district up the legal creek without a paddle. And legal arguments aside, do sanctioned spankings have a place in public schools?

  • Communications

    Earning Better Press for Schools

    Is your district doing a good job of selling its good news stories? In today's changing media landscape, it's time to consider the strategies you are using, and whether they are working

  • Governance

    Bringing Outside Groups to the Board Table

    As part of your long-range planning, school board members and administrators need to consider what role outside groups and organizations should play in your district's future

  • Money

    Managing School Money in a Down Market

    The consequences of the financial crisis consuming the Dow and investors worldwide could affect school districts for decades. What can you do to minimize the devastation?

  • Marketplace

    January 2009 Marketplace

    Athletics, recreation, and nutrition