September 2008 Your Turn

Had a few of you voted differently, Your Turn could have led this column like this:

Question: Do girls or boys have an advantage in the public schools?

Answer: Yes.

You see, those of you who believe there is a gender gap (48 percent) are fairly evenly divided on whether girls (46 percent of that group) or boys (54 percent) are the disadvantaged gender. And you provided some excellent examples for why you feel that way.

However, a slight majority of all voters (52 percent) say there is no appreciable gender gap.

“While there is always some small element of truth in broad generalizations, it is obvious that since people on both sides of the argument can make cases for their arguments, there is no clear-cut disadvantage to either sex,” said Arizona Board Member Shawn M. Watt. “Getting wrapped up in the argument is pointless. It is significantly more appropriate to focus on the uniqueness of the individual child, regardless of any general classification.”

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