A Healthy Partnership

By Doug Eadie

My first two columns in this three-part series on building and maintaining a close, positive, and productive school board-superintendent partnership focused on the board’s evaluation of superintendent performance. In this column, I’d like to describe two other steps your board can take to keep this critical partnership healthy.

First is making a strong commitment to ongoing management of the relationship with your superintendent. Second is reaching agreement with your superintendent on the ingredients of an effective communication strategy.

Board commitment

I interviewed several board members recently in preparation for an upcoming retreat involving the board, superintendent, and senior administrators. The superintendent told me some serious relationship issues existed, and after talking individually with the seven board members, I understood why they might be difficult to fix.

When I asked what steps the board was taking to keep its partnership with the superintendent positive and solid, four of the seven made very clear to me that they did not see this as the board’s concern. Unfortunately, this hands-off attitude is not all that uncommon among board members, for two main reasons:

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