March 2008 Your Turn

In case you missed our January cover story … Wait, how could you miss our January cover story, with the headline “CHANGE HAPPENS … are you ready?”

Not to scare you, but the story’s point was that, well, change happens, and districts need to be flexible enough to both respond to change and instigate change that is in their long-term interest.

Change also happened between the publication of January’s “Your Turn” question and this issue. We asked readers: “Should AYP be revised to allow for ‘growth models’ that measure individual students’ progress?” But then, after the issue had gone to press, Education Secretary Margaret Spellings announced that all qualified states would be permitted to introduce them.

So, responding to the change in our midst, we asked another question of the ASBJ Reader Panel: What are the challenges requiring districts to change? The results: 43 percent agreed that “top-down accountability without appropriate financial resources” was their most pressing “change challenge,” 17 percent chose “shifting demographics,” and 39 percent marked “other.” 

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