News of the Weird in School Law

By Edwin C. Darden

School board members, superintendents, educators, and school attorneys all share a secret thought: Frequently, the best defense against strange legal events is a well-lubed sense of humor that can be revved up on demand.

Predicaments that befall school officials can easily -- and often do -- tend toward the unusual. This column is my second annual News of the Weird in K-12 school law. It chronicles the irregular and distressing legal items that confront school districts in any given year.

As before, no region of the United States is immune to these doings, and usually no particular preventive lessons can be learned. Yet these matters are worth cataloging, even if only to allow boards of education and school attorneys to commiserate, or to feel either slightly smug or highly grateful that it didn’t happen to them.

As we approach the end of another academic year, here are my selections for 2007-08: 

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