How to Make School Travel Safe and Secure

By Steven C. Klika

Fortunately, I have been able to give my children the chance to travel extensively both domestically and internationally. Through them, I have learned the enormous value of travel. The educational benefits my children have received are phenomenal -- travel has shaped their interests and careers.

Today, many young people do not travel with their families, and because of that, they are not being prepared to assume a constructive role in our increasingly global society. That’s why school-sponsored educational travel is critical to a complete education. School boards that offer these opportunities are giving students life-changing experiences.

I am convinced that school-sponsored educational travel is essential to a complete education -- the kind of education we all strive to instill in our schools.

Among the many benefits are:

• Travel exposes students to other cultures and people, which is especially important in a global society. This is an obvious benefit to an international trip, but even traveling into culturally diverse communities in many U.S. cities teaches this lesson.

• Travel provides first-hand learning experiences, which last far longer in a young person’s mind than seeing a video or hearing a lecture. To actually see the Hope Diamond or watch scientists uncover ruins drives home the points teachers strive to make in the classroom.

• Travel provides performing arts students the chance to be evaluated by leading clinicians and compare their performances to those of peers across the U.S. or even the world.

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