0608 Marketplace

Action Based Learning is an educational consulting firm that puts brain-based learning into action with strategies that move students to learn. The firm’s Action Based Learning Lab is designed to prepare the brain for input and processing. (866) 234-0475. www.actionbasedlearning.com.

The Active & Healthy Schools program, a joint project of Gopher Sport and the President’s Challenge, is designed to improve the overall health and increase the activity levels of students by making changes to the “whole school” environment. (800) 533-0446. www.gophersport.com.

Alliance for a Healthier Generation is a partnership between the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation. Its Healthy Schools program is designed to eliminate childhood obesity and to inspire all young people in the United States to develop lifelong, healthy habits. www.healthiergeneration.org.

American Beverage Association is the national voice for the non-alcoholic refreshment beverage industry. It has developed with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation school beverage guidelines that will limit the number of calories children and teens consume through beverages at school. (202) 463-6732. www.ameribev.org.

ARAMARK provides a comprehensive range of food, facility, uniforms, and other support services to more than 650 K-12 school districts. (800) 926-9700. www.aramarkschools.com.

Chartwells School Dining Service collaborates with school districts providing solutions for school dining service management, vending machine services, and food service consulting. (914) 935-5502. www.chartwells-usa.com.

Healthmaster Holdings is a software developer for the school health market. The company’s flagship program, HealthOffice, is an application for automation of school health offices that provides secure and functional medical record systems. (888) 713-1400. www.healthmaster.com.

Kids into Action was created to improve the effectiveness of teachers who are not physical education specialists but who lead physical activity exercises. The company has developed a set of musical, instructional CDs to help with the implementation of daily physical activity initiatives. www.kidsintoaction.com.

Milk Processor Education Program (Milk PEP) is funded by the nation’s milk processors, who are committed to increasing fluid milk consumption. MilkPEP’s teen consumer site, www.bodybymilk.com, has all the latest news about milk mustache celebrity ads, contests and events, and games. (202) 737-0153. www.milkpep.org.

The National Dairy Council, the nutrition marketing arm of Dairy Management Inc., has been the leader in dairy nutrition research, education, and communication since 1915. It provides nutrition information to the media, physicians, dietitians, nurses, educators, and consumers. www.nationaldairycouncil.org.

Nestle’s website for educators, parents, and students, www.verybestkids.com, includes tips and activities for children of all ages to use at home or in the classroom. (800) 225-2270. www.nestleusa.com.

Nutrilink is a provider of software and services for school nutrition programs. Nutricafe is the company’s newest software system designed to enable parents and students to plan meals and ensure healthy eating habits while at school. (888) 811-8704. www.nutri-linktechnologies.com.

Sodexo School Services provides student nutrition and facilities management for more than 470 school districts. The company focuses on student nutrition, environmentally safe products, and staff training. (800) 354-7000. www.sodexousa.com.