December 2008 Marketplace

School safety and security

offers integration of various security systems, so schools can benefit from a fully integrated solution. It also provides customized solutions for everyone from the smallest campus to the largest school district.
(888) 721-6612.

Alert Recall is a website where students and parents can anonymously report criminal activity on school campuses. Students also can use cell phones and text messages. The messages go to a call center staffed 24 hours by police officers and educators.

AMAG Technology manufactures and supplies security management products and systems, including card access systems, smart cards and biometrics, digital video management, visitor management, badges, alarms, intrusion detection, and intercoms. (800) 889-9138.

Avery Office Products Worldwide
offers the Avery Photo ID system. Photo ID enables you to sign in visitors, print customized, color photo ID badges, track visitor history, and generate reports. Its digital log keeps records. (800) 732-8379.

Cardiac Science Corporation’s Powerheart AED G3 Plus defibrillator offers rescue ready technology for anytime functionality, text screens that run in tandem with voice prompts, RescueCoach voice prompts, energy level customization, and a seven-year warranty. (800) 426.0337.

ID solutions include ID systems, ID software, and on-site ID services. Machine-readable technologies make IDs compatible with attendance systems, access controls, and other automated systems.
(877) 273-3368.

Fargo’s Card Identity system can create cards for staff/student IDs, cafeteria services, student activities, library checkout, and more. Complete systems can be customized to include a printer/encoder, camera, software, supplies, and accessories. (800) 459-5636.

Faronics Technologies USA develops and markets intelligent utilities for control of multiuser computing environments. Invulnerable to hacking, Deep Freeze protects and preserves original computer configurations. Faronics Anti-Executable prevents the launch or installation of any unauthorized or unwanted executables. (800) 943-6422.

Fortres Grand’s 101 V5.0 secures the desktop and the local hard drive. Clean Slate V3.0 restores the computer to its original configuration upon reboot or logoff. Central Control V4.1 allows for the remote administration of Fortres 101 and Clean Slate over a network. PC Manifest allows an administrator to easily identify hardware and software assets on every computer attached to a network. (800) 331-0372.

Information Display Company provides a variety of Active Traffic Safety Displays in the SpeedCHECK product line, engineered for maximum driver visibility, peak power cost-efficiency, and full-time operational capability. A full range of power options including hard-wired AC, battery, and solar sources are available. (800) 421-8325.

Lightspeed Systems’
Total Traffic Control detects and resolves network abuses. Total Traffic Control lets you know what is installed, what is running, and who is running it. It also tells you what’s going in and out of your network and exactly who’s doing what. (877) 447-6244.

Polaroid ID Systems
offers a digital identification system that includes a card printer, Polaroid ID Card Maker software, and a digital camera to make the identification system process easy to use. (866) 484-0611.

PublicSchoolWORKS offers Student Watch, a suite of integrated Web-based tools that helps schools manage student safety and behavior, including a bullying reporting system and a student helpline that provide students and parents with a 24/7 system to communicate safety concerns to the district. (513) 631-6111.

Sonitrol provides integrated electronic security services through an authorized dealer network. Services include audio intrusion detection and verification, card access control, CCTV, ID badges, fire detection, and central station monitoring. (817) 491-0606.