0408 ASBJ Marketplace

Achieve 3000 is a Web-based, individualized learning solution to accelerate reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing proficiency, and performance. Each student receives the assignment tailored automatically and precisely to his or her reading level. (800) 838-8771. www.achieve3000.com.

BrainTrain’s Captain’s Log offers exercises to motivate students while stimulating the areas of the brain that are responsible for cognitive abilities: attention, impulse control, memory, conceptual reasoning, visual and auditory processing, and more.
(800) 822-0538. www.braintrain.com.

Common Goal’s Web-based TeacherEase is an instructional management system that offers the ability to handle all aspects of K–12 classroom instruction, from curricula and lesson plans to report cards and parent access. (630) 592-4200. www.teacherease.com.

Elluminate’s Live Academic Edition is a real-time Web collaboration environment that offers instruction delivery that duplicates any learning activity from lectures and presentations to small group discussions and debates. (954) 229-2622. www.elluminate.com.

Knowledge Master Corp.’s Knowledge Manager is the learning software technology that applies knowledge management methods and strategies to concept mapping for teaching and learning. (305) 767-4463. www.knowledgemaster.us.

Lions Quest programs are school-based, comprehensive youth development and prevention programs that unite the home, school, and community to cultivate capable and healthy young people of strong character through life skills, character education, and service-learning education. (800) 446-2700. www.lions-quest.org.

Pearson Education is a publisher that provides print and digital programs to help students learn at their own pace, in their own way. It offers a comprehensive range of educational programs, in all subjects, for every age and level of student, from pre-K–12 through higher education. (888) 977-7900. www.pearsoned.com.

Renaissance Learning is a provider of technology for personalized practice and continuous progress monitoring of reading, math, and writing in pre-K–12 schools and districts. Its software and hardware products give teachers ongoing feedback to help them make data-driven instructional decisions. (715) 424-3636.

Riverdeep’s Destination Success series gives educators the tools and training they need to provide individualized, standards-based reading and math instruction and assessment. It delivers full-year math and reading courseware. Assessment tests allow for real-time tracking of progress toward state standards.
(888) 242-6747. www.riverdeep.net.

SkillsTutor is a provider of K-12 remediation and core skills building. It offers more than 1,600 lessons that focus on the fundamentals of learning.
(888) 391-3245. www.achievementtech.com.

The Success for All Foundation’s Comprehension Strategies Intervention Program provides specific lessons in monitoring comprehension and in using clarification and summarization strategies to enhance comprehension. (800) 548-4998.

Trend is a provider of learning products designed to motivate and inspire young students, teach and reinforce basic skills, and promote progress and celebrate achievement. (800) 860-6762. www.trendenterprises.com.