What Is Ready?

Every few months, it seems, a new group, committee, organization, or industry weighs in on the status of public education, saying that today’s graduates are not prepared to succeed in college or the real world of business and commerce. And, more often than not, they point to public schools as the source, the reason students are not ready for life in the 21st century.

What will this life be like for the Class of 2008, or for the children who are just entering kindergarten? In a world that is fast moving, high pressure, and intensely caffeinated, are schools doing enough?

For educators, this intense -- and growing -- scrutiny presents unprecedented challenges and opportunities as well. On the following pages, the editors of ASBJ present a look at what school leaders face today, and will face in the months and years ahead. We look at the skills students will need, technology’s increasing role in education, and whether 13 years is truly enough to prepare students for the rest of their lives.

After interviewing some of the top thinkers and leaders in their respective fields, it remains impossible to say what “ready” truly is. But as school leaders charged with preparing the nation’s 48 million public school students, it’s your job to get them there.

We hope this special report proves to be a valuable resource in your work.

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