What Is Ready?

ASBJ examines the skills 21st century students need to succeed in life.


The Blame Game

Business leaders and educators often take opposite approaches to school reform. How can they work together?



  • Children at Risk: Graduation Day

    By embracing the community schools model, an Indianapolis school succeeds in helping students in danger of academic failure.

  • The Technology Facade

    In the scramble to stay ahead, school boards need a checklist to sift through the IT clutter.

  • Blog Do's and Don'ts

    Direct communication with constituents is a valuable opportunity, but if it's not handled effectively, it's just wasted space.

  • Lights! Camera! Action!

    Broadcasting board meetings can help you build positive relationships with the community, but reception is often as important as perception.


  • School Board News

    September 2007 Upfront

    News, views, and trends you should watch. Including social networking, 21st century attitudes, school names, and education takes top vote in poll.

  • Your Turn

    September 2007 Your Turn

    Your chance to tell us what you think. This month, You Say:Technology is, or will soon be, fulfilling its promise. We Ask: Should we lengthen the school day or year?

  • Research

    Leadership and Learning

    As superintendents are being asked to take more responsibility for improving academic achievement, what is necessary to be successful?

  • School Law

    Autism, the Law, and Schools

    School districts are facing more IDEA cases as a growing number of students are diagnosed. What policies and procedures should you have in place?

  • Communications

    The Customer Service Approach

    How a parent, volunteer, or business partner is treated can have a larger impact than you think, no matter how well your students perform.

  • Governance

    How Do You Manage Yourself?

    To be a high-impact school board, you have to constantly develop your knowledge and skills, and be explicitly accountable to your community.

  • Money

    Where the Money Is

    Without strong internal controls in place, your school district is vulnerable to fraud. How can you ensure that your district does not become a white-collar crime scene?

  • Facilities

    Sustainable School Design

    Low-tech design solutions improve student achievement and save money

  • Marketplace

    September 2007 Marketplace

    Partnership for 21st Century Skills members