Building the Perfect School

As school design moves into the 21st century, architects and planners look at trends that are taking hold.


Planning for Integration

The Supreme Court's decision on using race in student assignment sets new rules, but it leaves out the necessary tools for success.


Bringing Back the Neighborhoods

Community schools are playing a lead role in the rebuilding of New Orleans and beyond.



  • Unspoken Rules

    Make your board's implicit rules explicit through a customs manual.

  • Making High School Reform Work

    Any plan to reshape high schools needs time, resources, and purpose to be successful.

  • Resisters in Our Midst

    Dealing with reform saboteurs

  • One Size Does Not Fit All

    High school reform must be customized by the school and the community

  • Outsourcing Survival Tips

    Going outside can control costs and improve services, but advance planning and common sense are critical to success


  • School Board News

    October 2007 Upfront

    NYC program targets dropouts; voucher battles—again; Education Plus program targets dropouts for enlistment; NCLB's teacher requirements have little impact on teacher effectiveness; Fed’s response to Katrina schools flunks; and an uphill battle for SCHIP children's health care

  • Your Turn

    October 2007 Your Turn

    Your chance to tell us what you think. This month, You Say:Our conflicted response to race. We Ask: Are you creating community schools?

  • Research

    Achievement by Design

    Buildings and classrooms play a role in how students learn, but while amenities are nice, don't let the frills overshadow your district's instructional goals

  • School Law

    Conduct Unbecoming

    A teacher's off-campus actions can have in-school consequences. Are you prepared to make a difficult judgment call?

  • Communications

    Winning School Finance Elections

    The old tried-and-true strategies aren't working like they once did, but you can sway skittish voters with sound strategy and creative engagement

  • Governance

    Taking One for the Team

    To develop good relations among board members, you must pay more than lip service to the notion of working together

  • Money

    The Good 'Green'

    With strong conservation and sustainability policies you can save the planet and save money at the same time

  • Technology

    Virtually Seamless Communication

    Electronic newsletters can help you get the word out in a personal, powerful way to your parents, community leaders, and the general public

  • Marketplace

    October 2007 Marketplace

    Facilities and Construction