Tech Traps 2.0

Cautionary tales and lessons you can learn about the use -- and misuse -- of the tools at your disposal


Blogging for Columbine

As concerns about students' online activities increase, legal and policy issues prove vexing for school leaders


The Laptop Minefield

One-to-one initiatives are the wave of the future, but you must have the political, professional, and fiscal capital for your programs to succeed



  • The Digital Device

    Cell phones and iPods are now as common as backpacks and pencils, but are these new tools promoting and stimulating learning in your schools?

  • Searching for Zero

    As more attention is focused on dropout prevention, do you have effective strategies in place to help your most at-risk students?

  • Anything But Oridnary

    For a first-year administrator, the day-to-day struggles of children prove to be a learning experience unlike any other

  • The New Fundraising

    As school foundations grow in dollars and influence, are they compromising equity or saving public schools?


  • School Board News

    July 2007 Upfront

    News, views and trends you should watch

  • Your Turn

    July 2007 Your Turn

    You Say: More money—less advertising. We Ask: Has school technology lived up to its promise?

  • Communications

    A Foundation of Funding

    Strategic philanthropy is a powerful way to engage parents, alumni, and community memebers to raise money for the 'extras' your schools need.

  • School Law

    Parents & The Law

    The most powerful advocates through your students are not involved in your schools. Legally, they have to be, but are schools doing what it takes?

  • Money

    Protecting Your Assets

    At your board's annual reorganization meeting, be sure that you go beyond the routine to ensure that your distrcit's investments are safe.

  • Governance

    Advancing By Retreating

    An off-site retreat for the board, superintendent, and senior staff is a tremendous opportunity to accomplish work that otherwise won't get done.

  • Adviser

    July 2007 Adviser

    What would you do if ... a popular superintendent wanted a buyout clause?

  • Learn More

    July 2007 Learn More

    Your source for ideas and information