A Changing World

Thanks largely to technology, career and technical education takes center stage in the high school reform arena.



  • Battling Myths

    A Q&A with author Alfie Kohn

  • Charting a New Course

    To curb a rising dropout rate, a school district creates its own alternative charter school -- and sees results


  • School Board News

    February 2007 Up Front

    News, views, and trends you should watch.

  • Your Turn

    February 2007 Your Turn

    This month, You Say: The federal government has a limited role in making schools safe. We Ask: What do you think about homework?

  • Research

    Apprenticeships: A Tradition That Works

    Teaching a trade may not be as popular as it once was, but programs continue to promote economic growth and stability.

  • School Law

    Even Out the Playing Field

    Thirty five years after Title IX was enacted, the question about equal access to athletics for boys and girls continues to be felt in schools.

  • Communications

    The Art of Spokesmanship

    In today’s media-saturated world, school districts need to speak in one clear voice, and the person doing the speaking could be you.

  • Facilities

    Building a Successful Addition

    Style should be considered when designing a building, but continuity also is important if you want to construct an integrated, recognizable facility.

  • Technology

    The Tech-Savvy Leader

    In school districts, you must be a quick study, watch changing and evolving trends, and have a clearly defined picture of success to be at the top of your game.

  • Learn More

    February 2007 Learn More

    Your source for ideas and information.

  • Adviser

    February 2007 Adviser

    What would you do if … a board member charged for a babysitter?