Summer of Fate

40 years after riots swept the country, many urban districts struggle with the legacy of a tragedy


Come Together

As th city of Oakland works to reinvent itself, its schools face issues of their own.



  • Newsmaker: Paul Valace

    As the hard-charging CEO of Philadelphia's schools departs, a new challenge awaits in New Orleans

  • The Catalyst

    As school board members, your performance sets the tone and, ultimately, the public's perception of your district

  • Gathering Intelligence

    New board members and administrators must have the right information and know how to use it

  • Make Me a Match

    Search consultants can help school boards delve more deeply into the talent pool for school leaders

  • The Search for Character

    What are you looking for in a superintendent? Your ultimate action can sometimes uncover your motives


  • School Board News

    August 2007 Upfront

  • Your Turn

    August 2007 Your Turn

    Your chance to tell us what you think. This month, You Say: Schools are safer since Columbine. We Ask: Should we teach students differently according to their race?

  • School Law

    Responsibility & Obligation

    Here are some legal considerations that new board members and administrators should know and veterans should remember.

  • Communications

    Research & P.R.

    Knowing what works and what doesn't in communications is just as important for board members as other key areas of the district's operations.

  • Governance

    Life in the Governance Sphere

    For new board members and administrators, getting a firm grasp of the 'business' is key to your long-term effectiveness.

  • Money

    Basic Training

    When new board members take office, consider giving them a 'Finance 101' review of key areas that will require both patience and attention.

  • Facilities

    A Library for All

    When a private developer and a public school district decide to build a joint-use facility, both the community and the students profit.

  • Marketplace

    August 2007 Marketplace

  • Adviser

    August 2007 Adviser

  • Learn More

    August 2007 Learn More