Children at Risk

Many students come from impoverished homes with no history of financial or familial success. How can schools help "at-risk" kids beat the odds?



  • The High Cost of Cleanup

    Ignoring environmental risks can result in health hazards and huge expenditures for schools.

  • A Measured Approach

    After a series of deadly shootings, experts urge schools to take thoughtful steps to ensure safety.

  • Shared Values, Shared Success

    For boards to be successful as a team, they must develop operating principles that guide their work.

  • Developing Your Staff

    For training to be meaningful, you need to listen to your teachers about their wants and needs.

  • Who Evaluates Whom?

    This three-part performance appraisal system is clear, comprehensive, and consistent.

  • The Hardest Choice

    Closing schools is one of the most difficult—but necessary—decisions a district can face.

  • Dealing with Decline

    For urban districts, dramatic drops in enrollment and resources leave nothing but difficult decisions ahead.

  • Courting the Middle Class

    What can schools do to keep parents from going private, or moving to the suburbs?


  • School Board News

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  • Your Turn

    December 2006 Your Turn

    This month, You Say: Pay attention to gender. We Ask: Do the feds have a role in safe schools?

  • Research

    Fostering the Right Relationship

    For children without permanent homes and parents, schools must extend a helping hand to ensure that they are safe, secure, and learning.

  • School Law

    Safe from Harm

    In the wake of several school shootings, a get-tough stance is tempting, but compassion and conversations are just as important.

  • Technology

    Finding the Right Fit

    Online safety issues are best leveraged with a common—and informed—sense of the Web’s assets and danger zones.

  • Facilities

    Improving Comfort, Enhancing Learning

    For a small Ohio school district, a facilities performance contract serves as a boost to the bottom line—and to student achievement as well.

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    December 2006 Adviser

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