Eight Districts to Watch

By Naomi Dillon and Kathleen Vail

Parents are scrambling to find information about school districts before they buy new homes. And districts, in turn, want parents and others to know about their best attributes, their strengths, and their accomplishments.

We found districts all over the country that stand out. Some you may have heard of; some you may not. We chose eight issues that districts and educators currently grapple with: business partnerships, closing the achievement gap, communication, parent involvement, successful graduates, sudden change, technology integration, and wellness. The highlighted districts are doing a great job dealing with these challenges.

For every district cited below, we're sure that dozens more are doing equally as well. Is your school system doing an exemplary job meeting challenges such as these? Let us know. Send an e-mail about your district to editor@asbj.com, and we may include you in an upcoming issue. 

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