Five Big Questions

And many smaller ones your board should ask before authorizing a charter school.


Heart of the City

A charter school in Center City Philadelphia brings warmth and safety to an urban environment



  • School Boards Surrounded

    Electoral reform might be the way forward through the thicket of local education politics.

  • Privatization After School

    Will disadvantaged students benefit from a free market in supplemental educational services?

  • What's Your BAT Score?

    Take this Business Aptitude Test and see how your school district is doing.


  • Your Turn

    May 2005 Your Turn

    You Say: Increased school security is a sign of the times. We Ask: Should the states take over Head Start?

  • School Board News

    May 2005 Up Front

    News, views, and trends you should watch.

  • Research

    English Spoken Here

    Studies suggest the best ways to help non-native speakers learn English well.

  • Technology

    Data and Dollars

    How one school district saved millions on its special education program.

  • Teachers

    No Substitute for Training

    Here's how to make your district 'sub friendly.'

  • Communications

    Money Talks

    Communicating your budget to the public can increase support.

  • School Law

    The Freedom to Make Mistakes

    When the law is unclear, what's a school official to do?

  • Curriculum

    Learning Science Firsthand

    How one district turned an empty courtyard into a hands-on science facility.

  • Sounding Board

    Yes, Tests Still Rule

    Shifting our emphasis back to learning means more, not less, standardization.

  • Adviser

    May 2005 Adviser

    What would you do if ... a board member wanted to breastfeed at meetings?