A New Federal Role

Districts nationwide are gearing up for the most significant change in federal regulation of public schools in three decades


Knocking on Your Door

With 'No Child Left Behind.' the federal government is taking a stronger role in your schools


What Matters Most

With new laws, budget cuts, and court rulings inplace, school boards must remember to keep education first



  • A New Kind of School

    Here's (virtually) everything you need to know about the brave new world of e-learning.

  • The Cyber Charter Challenge

    A new trend could lure thousands of students and millions of dollars away from school districts.

  • Whose Student Is It, Anyway?

    Virtual schools offer great opportunities, but they present a host of policy questions.


  • Your Turn

    September 2002 Your Turn

    Your chance to tell us what you think. This month, You Say: Small schools are an elusive goal. We Ask: Is the education act good for schools?

  • Research

    Time for Learning

    Education takes time—not just for course work, but for reflection.

  • School Law

    "Reasonable" Drug Testing

    The Supreme Court draws a clear line for school districts.

  • Adviser

    September 2002 Adviser

    What would you do if ... your board decided to eliminate recess?