Second Chance

The number of kids at risk of dropping out is growing. They're in your schools, and they need your help.



  • Taking Charge

    Urban mayors are becoming more involved than ever in school governance. But are their efforts helping to improve education in their cities?

  • Looking for Leaders

    Urban districts find that the pool of qualified superintendents is shrinking.

  • Strengthening Urban Boards

    School boards must lead the way in reforming city schools.

  • Funding Reform

    Private support for public schools is growing—especially for urban districts.


  • Your Turn

    December 2002 Your Turn

    Your chance to tell us what you think. This month, You say: With naming rights, money talks. We Ask: Will testing increase dropouts?

  • Research

    Keeping Kids in School

    Who can play the biggest role in preventing dropouts? Hint: It's not the students.

  • School Law

    Policy and Tragedy

    When a girl's suspension led to suicide, was the school district at fault?

  • Adviser

    December 2002 Adviser

    What would you do if ... the superintendent required that kindergartners learn to read?