About Our New Look

Welcome to the new ASBJ.com! The online home of American School Board Journal has a new look and new content for our readers. Take a tour and you will see changes and improvements from our old site. Among them:

New to ASBJ.com
The Leading Source: A new, weekday blog written by the editors of ASBJ. Look for our take on news, reports, and trends of interest to school leaders, additional content related to stories in the print edition, and opportunities for you to participate and contribute to the magazine. Blog entries will be posted by noon Monday through Friday.

Five Questions: Q&As with the education newsmakers of the day.

Only Online: Articles, features, and white papers not included in the print edition are posted each week.

Ask the Expert: Do you have a question for one of ASBJ’s columnists? Send it to “Ask the Expert.” We’ll post the best and provide you with answers to your pressing issues.

Improved Search Function
Are you looking for an article on a particular topic, such as student achievement or school security and discipline? Go to the Search box in the top right corner of your screen and type in a term. If we’ve written on your topic since January 2002, you’ll find an abstract with a link to the article.

Accessing the Archives
All print subscribers have free access to the ASBJ.com archives, which include articles from every issue dating back to January 2002. To obtain access simply follow the below log-in instructions.

How to Log-In
On every page of asbj.com you will find the login area within the upper right hand side. If you are a current subscriber you can access the site via your account number. Look for the account number on the mailing label of the most recent magazine:

Sample Mailing Label

Enter your last name in the "username" field and your account number in the "password" field.

Want to Get Access?
Non-print subscribers can access archived articles in three ways:

1)    Pay-per-download ($5 for each article).
2)    Click on the “Subscribe” button to purchase a print subscription for $57 a year. You will receive both the magazine and access to ASBJ.com.
3)    Purchase an online subscription for $36. You will receive access to all of ASBJ.com.

We hope that you enjoy the new ASBJ.com and that you will come back to visit often. If you have a concern that is not addressed above please visit our help page.

Thank you!

Glenn Cook, Editor-in-Chief